Report says Mexico economy could top Brazil

Reuters - Mexico could overtake Brazil as Latin America's number-one economy in 10 years, according to research by economists at Nomura. Mexico could become a 'jaguar' economy if its newly-elected government implements ambitious economic reforms.

Mexico attracts $7.03 billion investment so far this year

Dow Jones - Mexico attracted $7.03 billion in foreign direct investment in the first half of 2012, a 9 percent increase over the same period of 2011. The investment was channeled into auto and auto parts, energy, food processing, infrastructure, mining and others.

Messmacher says inflation might stay at 4% this quarter

Bloomberg - Mexican inflation might not slow within policy makers’ target range this quarter as forecast by central bank Governor Agustin Carstens, the Finance Ministry’s top economist Miguel Messmacher said.

Analysts sharply raise 2012 inflation outlook

Reuters - Analysts watching Mexico's economy sharply lifted their forecast for inflation this year. They expected a 3.81 percent rise in consumer prices this year, up from a 3.65 percent increase expected in the last monthly poll.

What Mexico's election means for the drug war

Foreign Affairs - Each of the candidates in Mexico's presidential elections has promised to shift the country's focus from stopping the drug trade to fighting crime, which will not sit well with Washington.

Report says economy will cost PAN the election

EFE - Mexico's poor economic performance since 2000 will seal the defeat of the governing National Action Party, or PAN, in next Sunday's presidential election, a new Center for Economic and Policy Research, or CEPR, report said.

How Mexico used banks to uplift the poor

Global Post - Ever since Mexico's watershed elections in 2000 which ushered in an era of transparent, participatory governance, the country has used its banking system to lift the poor into the middle class and reduce poverty.

Monopolies hold back Mexico's economy

McClatchy Newspapers - Mexico is a country of concentrated economic power, and in some cases outright monopolies. It's an arrangement that limits Mexico's hopes of a thriving economy, chokes its consumers, discourages competition and prevents better products.

Private spending picks up pace in first quarter

Reuters - Mexican private spending picked up pace in early 2012, but still-muted domestic demand backs expectations that policymakers will keep interest rates steady through next year. Private spending,rose 1.0 percent during the first quarter.

Backsliding away from free markets in Mexico?

Forbes - The recent decision of Mexico’s anti-monopoly commission, COFECO, to retract the $1 billion fine it announced a year ago against Telcel raises an important question: Has anything really changed in Mexico?

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