Mexico is ramping up oil exports to India, China

Reuters - Mexico is pushing to double crude oil exports to China next year and boost India-bound shipments, the next stage of a long-term plan to diversify oil sales away from an increasingly energy-independent United States.

Turkey is "ready" for trade deal with Mexico

Anadolu Agency - Turkish Economy Minister Zafer Ça?layan has said Turkey is ready to sign a comprehensive free trade agreement with Mexico. Mexico’s exports to Turkey rose by 23.7 percent in the first five months of this year.

Mexico forecasts record direct foreign investment in 2013

International Business Times - Mexico’s Finance Secretariat expects the country to attract a record amount of foreign direct investment in 2013, and that in the first quarter of the year it had already attracted 40 percent of last year’s total sum.

Mexico restricts live hog imports from U.S.

Reuters - Mexico has restricted imports of live hogs from the United States because of the deadly piglet virus that has spread north of the border. The action does not affect shipments of U.S. pork to Mexico, it only affects live animals.

Mexico sets duties on China seamless steel pipes

Reuters - Mexico has set duties on seamless steel tubes from China, the Asian giant's commerce ministry said on Friday, after a Mexican steel company complained about unfair pricing practices. The decision is a victory for TAMSA.

USDA touts anti-monopoly in Mexican beer industry

Beverage - US and native microbrewers could profit if Mexico’s antitrust regulator rules that controversial exclusivity deals, which benefit local giants Grupo Modelo and Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma, owned by AB InBev and Heineken respectively, are illegal.

Mexico might suspend trade preferences for U.S. meat

Reuters - Mexico's Economy Ministry said it is considering suspending preferential trade tariffs with the United States for a variety of products in a simmering dispute over meat labeling.

New U.S. import rules are unlikely to quell controversy

Washington Post - New rules for U.S. meatpackers will require labeling that tells consumers where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered. But the regulations, posted Friday, are the latest move in a trade dispute involving Canada and Mexico.

U.S. isn't respecting meat labeling rules, Mexico says

Reuters - The United States is not respecting a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling on meat labeling, Mexico's Agriculture Minister Enrique Martinez said on Tuesday, saying it was hurting Mexico's domestic beef industry.

Brazilian Azevêdo wins WTO leadership battle

Financial Times - Brazil’s Roberto Azevêdo has emerged as the new director-general of the World Trade Organization after seeing off the US and EU’s favoured candidate, Herminio Blanco of Mexico, according to officials familiar with the contest.

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