Mexico passes telecom reform laws

AP — The lower house of Mexico's congress has approved tough restrictions on dominant companies in the country's telephone and television sectors. The new rules must still be signed into law.

Senate committees approve telecoms bill

Reuters - Mexican Senate committees on Thursday gave their general approval to legislation needed to implement a reform of the phone and TV markets that seeks to rein in telecoms tycoon Carlos Slim and broadcaster Televisa.

Mexico City airport plan envisions six runways

Reuters - Mexico is reviewing design plans for a new 120 billion peso ($9.23 billion) Mexico City airport which will eventually have six runways and should begin operating by 2018, according to sources familiar with the plan.

President answers Cuaron's Pemex questions

LAT - President Enrique Pena Nieto has answered - in detail and publicly - Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron’s challenge to  answer 10 questions about how the government plans to open up Pemex to foreign investment and where the profits would go.,0,7702296.story#axzz30U0yTInW

Port city mayor taped meeting with Knights Templar

Christian Science Monitor - A mayor from Mexico's busiest port was arrested after a video showed him meeting with the Knights Templar cartel. Self-defense groups rose up against drug gangs they say government did little to stop.

Telecom watchdog sets minimum for TV bidding

Reuters - Mexico's telecom watchdog  set a minimum bid price of 830 million pesos ($63.37 million) for two new free-to-air channels which are up for grabs as part of an effort to increase competition in the television and phone sectors.

Lat Am's largest solar plant goes on line in Baja Sur

EFE - Latin America's largest solar power plant, a facility with 39 MW of generating capacity, has gone online in the state of Baja California Sur. The Aura Solar I photovoltaic power plant will supply electricity to La Paz.

Mexico is laying tracks for infrastructure investment

Emerging Markets - Investors in Mexican infrastructure projects have faced some uncomfortable unknowns. The new federal laws aim to attract foreign investment and give investors and contractors a more certain – and more familiar – environment.

Dispute erupts over rail concessions bill

Financial Times - As Mexico’s antitrust bill arrives in Congress, a dispute has erupted over a rail bil that would alter the terms of the two main railway concessions.  The lower house has passed the legislation, which deals with concessions held by subsidiaries of Grupo México and Kansas City Southern. The bill is now before the Senate.

Subway snafu irritating commuters sinks ICA shares

Bloomberg - A service halt on a new $2 billion subway line built in partnership with billionaire Carlos Slim is making Empresas ICA Mexico's worst performing stock.  ICA shares slumped 15 percent last week as more than half the stations on the capital’s Golden Line were closed after twisted rails and damaged ties were endangering passengers.

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