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Trade & Investment

Apparel exports rise 4%, domestic sales 12%

La Jornada - Mexico's apparel industry increased exports by 4 percent and domestic sales by 12 percent during the first half of 2010, Marcos Cherem, president of the National Clothing Industry (CNIV), said Tuesday. Still, he said, more than 300 companies have closed.

Calderon denies he has lost the drug war - President Felipe Caderon denied that he is losing the "war" declared against Mexico's drug cartels and called for specific proposals to generate consensus among the PRI and PRD opposition parites, saying he is open to new strategies in fighting the war.

MAC won't sell "border" cosmetic line in Mexico

Bloomberg - The New York-based MAC cosmetics company won't pursue Mexican sales of a new collection designed by Rodarte that raised hackles in Mexico because it features pallid, ghostly hues said to be inspired by border towns. The collection of lipstick, blushes and other cosmetics uses names like "Juarez," "Bordertown," "Ghost Town" and "Factory."

Border security bill takes aim at Indian companies

New York Times - Indian high-tech workers do not typically sneak into the United States through Mexico, but beefing up the Southwest border might still make it tougher for them to migrate here under a U.S. Senate bill approved Tuesday night by unanimous consent.

Gulf oil spill raises fears for Mexico

Dallas Morning News - The Mexican government hasn't said much about the BP oil spill. Some analysts tie the reticence to an awareness that the spill holds worrying implications for Mexico's economic future. Pemex has only limited experience with deep-water drilling.

Auto production, exports soar 58% in July

Reuters - Vehicle production in Mexico rose 65.4 percent and exports increased 57.9 percent on an annual rate during July, the Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (AMIA) said today, Tuesday. The United States is the destination for almost all of the country's vehicle exports.

Alfa buys U.S. meat packer Bar-S Foods

Dow Jones - Mexican industrial and food processing conglomerate Alfa said today, Monday, it has acquired U.S. meat packer Bar-S Foods Co. for an undisclosed amount. Bar-S Foods had sales of $535 million last year and employs 1,600 people. Its products include hot dogs, ham and bacon.

Free-trade talks with Central America being held

La Cronica de Hoy - The Ministry of Economy said it will begin the second round of negotiations on a free-trade agreement with Central American countries today through Aug. 12 and will meet in El Salvador to discuss measures for small and medium enterprises.

Wal-Mex same-store sales rise 4.6%

Dow Jones - Wal-Mart de Mexico, or Walmex, said Thursday that sales at its stores that have been open at least a year rose 4.6 percent in July from the year-ago month as more customers visited the stores and spent more money.

Three pacts might replace Kyoto Protocol

Reuters - A U.N. climate pact to extend or replace the Kyoto Protocol could be a set of up to three legally binding instruments, not just a single one, Mexico's climate chief said on Thursday. Negotiators go back to the table in Cancun later this year.

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