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Trade & Investment

Mexico to be world's largest poultry importer

World Poultry - Next year Mexico will become the largest poultry importer in the world, surpassing Japan, according to projections from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Pulse Beverage to introduce coconut water in Mexico

Denver Business Journal - Pulse Beverage Corp. said Wednesday it is entering the Mexico market, establishing a subsidiary south of the border to introduce its coconut water products there.

U.S. potato leaders mull strategy for Sinaloa ban

Capital Press - U.S. potato industry leaders are exploring legal options after a judge in Sinoloa restricted access to their fresh exports, and they’ll likely pursue USDA funding to support their efforts.

Mexico falls a year behind in sharing water with U.S.

Valley Morning Star - As of July 26, Mexico has failed to deliver to the U.S. more than 361,000 acres feet of water, which puts the country more than a year behind in overall volume.

Calif. governor wraps up three-day trip to Mexico

AP — California Gov. Jerry Brown wrapped up a three-day visit to Mexico Wednesday, saying he will work with the U.S. government to find a long-term solution to the immigration crisis, which took center stage on his trade mission.

Japan and Mexico sign carbon trade deal

Reuters - Japan and Mexico have signed a deal for Japanese companies to earn carbon credits by investing in technology to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Mexico - in Japan's 12th bilateral carbon agreement.

U.S., Mexico sign formal produce safety agreement

Food Safety News - U.S. and Mexico food safety officials have signed a statement of intent last week forming a partnership to promote the safety of fresh and minimally processed agricultural products.

Mexico is U.S. biggest fruit and vegetable supplier

Fresh Plaza - Mexico is the leading country exporting to the US (26%), followed by Guatemala (19%) and Costa Rica (17%). Mexico is currently increasing its avocado, mango and strawberry exports and it is the first exporter of lime and watermelons to North America.

Mexico strengthens southern border anti ag pests

Fresh Fruit Portal - Mexican authorities have invested $22 million across five checkpoints along the country’s southern borders with Guatemala and Belize to focus on the inspection, mobilization and import of agricultural products to protect from exotic pests and diseases not yet present in Mexico.

Where Slim is investing as Mexico unit breaks up

Bloomberg - Carlos Slim is planning to spend more in countries such as Brazil while placing bigger bets on industries like energy, as regulatory pressure in Mexico splinters his most prized asset.

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