Trade & Investment

Trade & Investment

Banco Popular expects OK to buy 25% of BX+

EFE - Spain's Banco Popular expects to receive the final approval from Mexican banking regulators in "a few days" to acquire a 25 percent stake in Mexico's BX+, a deal announced last December.

U.S. Ag secretary highlights advances with Mexico


AG Professional Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack highlighted recent progress on a number of trade issues with Mexico following a panel discussion with Mexico's Secretary of Agriculture Enrique Martínez y Martínez.

Mexico readying legal defense in U.S. sugar dispute

Reuters  - Mexico is getting ready to defend its sugar producers in a dispute over allegations of dumping made by U.S. competitors, Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo said this week.

BRP is building third manufacturing plant in Mexico

CBC - BRP Inc., the former recreational products division of Bombardier Inc. that makes Ski-Doos and off-road vehicles, says it will invest $55 million to build a third manufacturing plant in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Mexico removes restrictions on U.S. beef imports

Farm&Ranch - The Mexican government is in the process of making regulatory changes that allow for import of U.S. beef and beef products derived from cattle of any age. This important development lifts the 30-month cattle age limit for U.S. beef and effectively removes the last of Mexico’s BSE-related restrictions.

U.S. might probe Mexico for dumping sugar

Bloomberg - The U.S. plans to announce whether it will investigate allegations that Mexico unfairly subsidized its sugar exports, a step that may lead to penalties on trade that was valued at $1.1 billion last year.

Telecom watchdog sets minimum for TV bidding

Reuters - Mexico's telecom watchdog  set a minimum bid price of 830 million pesos ($63.37 million) for two new free-to-air channels which are up for grabs as part of an effort to increase competition in the television and phone sectors.

Chinese energy firm CNPC plans to bid in energy opening

Reuters - China's largest energy company CNPC will compete for future oil and gas development rights in Mexico, a top company executive said on Thursday, which could happen as soon as the end of this year.

Mexico is laying tracks for infrastructure investment

Emerging Markets - Investors in Mexican infrastructure projects have faced some uncomfortable unknowns. The new federal laws aim to attract foreign investment and give investors and contractors a more certain – and more familiar – environment.

U.S. spud sales to Mexico could triple under new rule

The Packer -The opening of all of Mexico to U.S. potatoes could more than triple fresh sales to the country. The value of annual exports from the U.S. could jump from $30 million to $100 million under a new agreement that no longer limits U.S. potato exports to a 16-mile zone from the U.S. border.

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